S-CapeMate          - Give loved ones a better chance of survival...
S-CapeMate is a residential fire alarm for rooms with small children, the hearing impaired, and the elderly.
S-CapeMate is intended to shake and wake your loved one when you may not be able to get there.
Triggered by an activated smoke detector, S-CapeMate will attempt to wake a sleeping person with the aid of 3 different devices:
1. Digital Voice recording - of parent's voice, with an emergency message.
2. Eyes contain LED lights - that will illuminate automatically and aid in escaping a dark or smoke-filled room.
3. Strong Vibration - to help shake and awaken the sleeping individual.
In addition to the 3 alert devices, S-CapeMate has a Fabric Particle Mask, housed in the belly, that can be worn to help reduce smoke inhalation while escaping from a burning structure.
Easy to set up, and alarm will not shut off until de-activated by an adult.
Easy To Use & Saves Lives!
Patent Pending
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